Blieschow: 2019

Vast plains, colorful sceneries, a red dog, that seems to reach into the sky.This is how Tom experiences summer in Blieschow, his grandfather’s farm.He feels overwhelmed by the exuberance of nature and finds himself in aconstant competition with his cousin, who is seemingly better at everything.Envy starts to grow in little Tom. Doing everything to be recognized andloved Tom soon reaches his limits.​

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Join space shuttle pilot Charles Overmyer on an ASPERITY cargo mission to the International Space Station – an interactive VR experience.

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“Asperity” is a cinematic, interactive VR experience in which you join renowned pilot Charles Overmyer aboard the Space Shuttle on an eventful cargo mission to the International Space Station!

Asperity combines a real time development environment with traditional pre-generated VFX elements, such as physics simulations and 2D composited live action footage, within the Unity Game engine. In this interactive, 360° room scale experience, the user gets to be part of the action as well, including physical user feedback in the real world to tie it all together.


Pictures provided by the FMX 2018.

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This is Asperity Technologies Corporation, the VR-Experience and a Making Of of this amazing journey. So please enjoy.


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In the world tree of Yggdrasil, greedy little Ratatoskr searches eagerly for ever bigger and better fruits, thereby causing impending doom for his beloved friend Eikpyrnir.

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“The journey is a winding one with all sorts of expected and unexpected obstacles.”, state Catharine Winder and Zahra Dowlatabadi in their book Producing Animation. RATATOSKR was an ambitious full CG production which required a high level of professionalism in an academic environment. My Diploma thesis outlines my journey and the way I managed the many challenges in producing RATATOSKR. I describe and analyze, in consideration of literary sources, the course of all events from the moment that Meike first pitched me her idea to the final phase.

Norse mythology is a rich, wild and culturally relevant source of inspiration for art, games, film and everything in between. The tale of the squirrel Ratatoskr and the tree of life Yggdrasil stands out amongst the rest because it offers everything that makes a good film: from engaging characters, varied story worlds over inspired artwork, mystical patterns and colors down to historically relevant conflicts.

PRODUCING RATATOSKR – from first idea to final distribution – had a huge impact on on my life, my skills and my personal development.
If you would like to read the thesis (english) let me know and drop me a mail.

Zorn dem Volke: 2017

During a humanitarian catastrophe Nikolai is desperately trying to
preserve ethic and moral values in the largest refugee camp behind the
great wall.


The VFX production, starting at the conception of the shots (storyboards, previs, techvis), included shooting preparations and research for assets, textures and references. Furthermore, a 360° set extension, the implementation of a container ship wreck (as a 3D environment including simulation) and a city wall (as projection mapping/matte painting), as well as the recording of several further assets in front of green screen, which were comped into the shots.

Elemental Stage Performance: 2017

The transformation of the FMX 2017 Official Trailer ELEMENTAL into a stunning stage performance of two dancers with newly composed music and an impressive light show.

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Elemental Official FMX Trailer: 2017

Imagine. Fire, Water, Earth and Air.
Four elements, driven by the energy and rhythm of nature, emerging into something new.

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“ELEMENTAL” is about „creating something that is new and fascinating as a group of artists, together.” It depicts four expressive dancers who transform into earth, air, fire and water in order to show the amazing possibilities of working together while using different art forms. Elemental combines the art of a real life dance performance with motion capture technology and houdini fx in a visual effects project.


What did you enjoy most about working on this film?
Producing ELEMENTAL for me meant not only managing a project in a completely new environment, but also producing VFX for the first time. I had already produced smaller scale live action films, but I had little experience with VFX. Fortunately, my experience with traditional film gave me a good base to stand on and kept me motivated in the midst of all the challenges and of learning about VFX in a very short period of time. I particularly enjoyed uniting the different people – some of them already had a background in VFX, others in art or even in programming. Everyone had their own vision, wishes and expectations for the project and it was my job to lead them to one cohesive product.
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Elemental Print & Online Campaign: 2017

The transformation of the FMX 2017 Official Trailer ELEMENTAL into print and online media such as posters, banners, flyers, gifs, brochures etc. as an uniform appearance for the web presence and the event itself.


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Moody Booty: 2017

A dance film about the fight within. A fight against obstacles such as sickness, depression, trauma or creative blockades which can never be fully won. And yet, through one’s actions, a negative can be turned into a positive and for these moments of bliss, it’s worth the effort.

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Seeking the Void: 2016

Bridge broken paths, solve ancient puzzles and bring a mystical lotus flower to bloom. Use the camera to discover new perspectives and question your perception to discover how to bring about creation in this 3D perspective-based puzzle-platformer.

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