Elemental Official FMX Trailer: 2017

Imagine. Fire, Water, Earth and Air.
Four elements, driven by the energy and rhythm of nature, emerging into something new.

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“ELEMENTAL” is about „creating something that is new and fascinating as a group of artists, together.” It depicts four expressive dancers who transform into earth, air, fire and water in order to show the amazing possibilities of working together while using different art forms. Elemental combines the art of a real life dance performance with motion capture technology and houdini fx in a visual effects project.


What did you enjoy most about working on this film?
Producing ELEMENTAL for me meant not only managing a project in a completely new environment, but also producing VFX for the first time. I had already produced smaller scale live action films, but I had little experience with VFX. Fortunately, my experience with traditional film gave me a good base to stand on and kept me motivated in the midst of all the challenges and of learning about VFX in a very short period of time. I particularly enjoyed uniting the different people – some of them already had a background in VFX, others in art or even in programming. Everyone had their own vision, wishes and expectations for the project and it was my job to lead them to one cohesive product.
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