Mobiliar: 2020

You don’t want to find your stray baby elephant in a china shop filled with precious porcelain. But in this commercial for the Swiss insurance company Mobiliar, it’s exactly what happens to a poor zoo keeper.

Director: Jon Barber
Jung von Matt/Limmat
Production Company: Stories

Genres: Advertising
Scope: 1 TVC and Social Media Spots
Vfx work: CG elephant in plate, On Set Supervision South Africa, Body & Fur Sim (Charfx), Creature animation


Executive Producer: Petra Monheim
Animation Director: Rickard Engqvist
VFX Supervisor: Martin Johansson
CG Supervisor: Jimmy Johansson
Technical Director: Finn Jäger
Producer: Lena-Carolin Lohfink

Creature Rigging: Jimmy Johansson, Gabija Smalinskaite
Creature Groom/Look Development: Mario Reitbauer, Edouard Calemard
Environment Modeling/Look Development: Edouard Calemard

Animation: Frank Spalteholz, Rickard Engqvist
Lighting/Rendering: Fabian Schaper
Body & Fur Simulation: Mario Reitbauer, David Vincze
Compositing: Martin Borell, Denys Holovyanko, Lene Martens, Finn Jäger
Supporting Artists: Olle Wedenmark, Henrik Klein

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