Casinostugan: 2020

Creature character work for Swedish online casino, Casinostugan.

Casinostugan wanted a spokesperson that was down-to-earth, so in 2014 GBK created a very relaxed moose – Ture. Ture was created with a combination of a CG head and live costume and props. He has appeared in numerous commercials and ads through the years and is still very much alive and kicking (well. he’s a calm guy so he doesn’t really “kick”). Ture is like an old friend for us and we love delivering new material with him every year.

Agency: Tante Randi reklamebyrå

Genres: Advertising
Scope: 3 TVCs & Social Media Campaign
Vfx work: CG creature, CG moose head on human body, Compositing into Plates, On Set Supervision, Character Animation (Lipsync), Digital Matte Painting

Executive Producer: Petra Monheim
Director/Animation: Rickard Engqvist
VFX Supervisor: Finn Jäger
Producer: Lena-Carolin Lohfink
Matchmove: Borja A. Ortiz
Matte Painting: Teo Mathlein
Modeling/Look Development: Olle Wedenmark

Frank Spalteholz
Lighting: Fabian Schaper
Compositing: Denys Holovyanko, Finn Jäger
Motion Graphics: Vitor Aguiar
Online/Grading: Finn Jäger
Additional Support: Jimmy Johansson, Christiane Muelstegen

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