SUVA Arbeitssicherheit: 2019

Life is dangerous and daily work can hold many dangers. This commercial for SUVA (the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund) shows five “almost accidents” – close encounters with danger at five working places. The tagline says it all: “Life is beautiful – as long as nothing happens!”

Director:Tobias Fueter
Stories AG

Genres: Advertising
Scope: 1 TVC
Vfx work: Digital Matte Painting, CG Robot, Set Extension, Rotoscoping & Tracking, Compositing

Executive Producer: Petra Monheim
VFX Supervisor: Richard Lyons
2nd VFX Supervisor: Andreas Cronström, Finn Jäger
On-Set VFX Supervisor: Denis Krez
VFX Producer: Lena-Carolin Lohfink, Wiebke Warndorf
VFX Coordinator: Anna Thenberg

Compositing: Richard Lyons, Oskar Lundmark, Martin Borell, Lars Wallund, Denys Holovyanko
Matte Painting: Mikael Widegren
Concept: Henrik Lundblad
Modeling/LookDev: Martin Sordes
Rigging: Stephanie Holder
Animation: Fredrik Olsson, Christina Sidoti
Lighting: Axel Flovin
Editorial/Online: Henrik Klein, Caio Simbula

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