Features: ~about 80 shots, fx, >20 artists, Caligari funding, Babelsberg Orchestra music recording, authentic sounds recorded in Blieschow (Rügen island)

 Director: Christoph SarowGenres: 2D, Short
Length: 10:00 minRelease Date: Coming Soon

Features: Unity Game Engine Pipeline, >30 artists, binaural sound, authentic replication of a space shuttle chair, Joystick & Glove Controller for Interactions, Agile Project Management, International Cast, a. m. m.

Director: Sebastian IngenfeldGenres: VR, interactive & cinematic experience
Length: 15:00 minRelease Date: May 2018

Features: two interacting characters, fur, >30 artists, Shotgun pipeline

Director: Meike MüllerGenres: Full CG, Short
Length: 03:30 minRelease Date: May 2018


Features: 360° set extension (3D environment plus simulation plus matte painting/ projection mapping), research/recording for textures & further assets (green screen)

Director: Lorenz Piehl
Genres: VFX, Short, Thriller
Length: 15:00 minRelease Date: October 2017

Password: zdv2017

Features: Aerial silk performance (at a height of 5-10 meters), video projection, haze & light show; about150-200 guests

Director: Julie BöhmGenres: Performance, Dance
Length: 5:00 minRelease Date: May 2017

Features: live action shooting (dance performance, fx plates & motion capture & nCam technology), Houdini fx, >30 artists altogether

Director: Adrian MeyerGenres: VFX, Short, Dance
Length: 1:10 minRelease Date: May 2017

Features: online & magazine interviews, print and online media, such as posters, banners, flyers, gifs, brochures, etc.

Director: Julie Böhm, David BellenbaumGenres: Performance, Dance
Length: -Release Date: May 2017

Features: Toon Boom animation

Director: Kathrin KuhnertGenres: VFX, Short, Dance
Length: 3:02 minRelease Date: May 2017


Features: unity, perspective-based puzzle platformer, 4 level, game & animation pipeline, was selected for and playable at the Game Zone 2016

Director: Alexander FreyGenres: PC Game, Indie, Prototype
Length: 20-30 minRelease Date: May 2016

4 Months at DEF MEDIA GmbH in Berlin

Shows: B-Movie (essay film), Puppy 2 Love (documentary soap), Festival Days (Live-Show), Jean Michel Jarre (documentary), Soundtrack Deutschland (3-part documentary series):

Director: variousGenres: music documentary, German TV
Length: between 20-60 minRelease Dates: August - October 2015


Features: >10 Locations, 17 shooting days, >30 crew members, on-set fx, newly composed music, final project/film (bachelor's degree)

Director: Tobias FockeGenres: Action Road, Short
Length: 35minRelease Dates: October 2014

Password: edp2014