Müller Milchreis City Tour: 2019

A family is exploring the city. The father is highly motivated to see as much as possible on this wonderful summer day. However the rest of the family suffers a little hunger. But that is when Kleiner Hunger enters the scene and saves the day.

Agency: 3ltr
Director: David Helmut

Genres: Advertising
Scope: 1 TVCs
Vfx work: CG Environment, Character Animation

Executive Producer: Petra Monheim

Animation Director: Rickard Engqvist
CG Supervisor: Erika Johansson, Henrik Eklundh
VFX Producer: Lena­-Carolin Lohfink, Linda Öhlund, Rebeca Cervantes
Editorial: Finn Jäger, Caio Simbula
Online/Grading: Christoph Zapletal
Modeling: Martin Sordes
Rigging: Stephanie Holder, Peter Jemstedt
Look Development: Martin Sordes

Animation Lead: Rickard Engqvist
Animation: Marijne Klaassen, Jonathan Skifs
Lighting: Rodrigo Vivedes, Anna Hilding
Compositing: Fredrik Höglin, Finn Jäger

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